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Our waiting list


We were curious to know who is looking for a poodle puppy, what color and what size.

That's why we started creating a waiting list at the end of 2019.

More than twothousand poodle-lovers already told us what they look for. And the list grows with an average of five per day. Thanks for that! We knew that our beautiful breed is very much loved, but the overhelming response still is a total surprise.

Thanks to all these completed questionnaires, we can inform the right people when a puppy litter of a certain type and color is on its way. They can immediately contact the breeder and try to reserve a puppy. Of course we don't know how many males and females there will be in a litter.

The new puppy owners as well as the breeders are more than satisfied: "Compliments for the way you organize everything!".

The 'harvest' of 2020

Most litters are already sold before the puppies are born, and no longer published on our site. It looks like no puppies are born at all. Of course this is not correct, but there are far too few puppies born. To give you an idea of ​​the 204 puppies born in 2020, you will find a representation of the sizes and colors below.

Slag 1ehelft2020

Sorry, no toys yet.  Also because of failed mating, miscarriage and stillborn pups.

Kleuren 1ehelft2020 

Sorry, no brown puppies (miscarriage) and no red. Red pups are very rare in Holland.

Sign up for the waiting list

You can subscribe to the waiting list using the questionnaire below.

You do not have to be a member of the NPC, but members are notified by email before the (expected) litter will be published on the site.

Purple Line


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